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Dr. Munir Janmohamed Uses Technology to Improve Cardiac Care

Dr. Munir Janmohamed Uses Technology to Improve Cardiac Care

Though 2020 may not be remembered for many positive outcomes, it will certainly be celebrated as the year healthcare providers successfully pivoted care to telemedicine, allowing patients to ‘visit’ doctors from the comfort and safety of home. It also began improving access to sub-specialist care, which may not have been available otherwise.

Long recognizing the growing need for well-trained physicians to provide expertise beyond the immediate community, Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) alum Munir Janmohamed, MD ’02, FACC, FHFSA, quickly implemented telemedicine last March to complement office visits. In July, he began leveraging social media to educate individuals and the general public about cardiology, with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

“There’s no cure for heart failure — it’s chronic and there are a lot of ups and downs,” said the advanced heart failure cardiologist. “But there are evolving therapies that not only improve outcomes of patients but improve their quality of life.”

A few years ago, Janmohamed transitioned from academic medicine to private practice and now serves as the medical director of the Heart Failure/LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) program in California. While he misses teaching, social media has allowed him to educate a broader audience about best practices for managing heart failure.

Medical Celebrity on Social

Janmohamed’s Instagram page focuses on clinical subjects including heart failure, LVAD and pulmonary hypertension as well as his personal affinities for food, cars and California pro-sports teams.

“People are now using different mediums for education. Social media is another way to provide them information so they can know the latest in cardiology.” Janmohamed has received positive feedback from many including healthcare workers, medical students and those who developed heart failure.

Next Generation of Care

The oldest of three children, Janmohamed followed in his father’s footsteps. He chose cardiology because of the physiology of the heart and multiple treatment options. “I knew right off the bat that this was for me — prevention, testing and therapeutic interventions for cardiac conditions.”

And now, Janmohamed aims to pay it forward by serving as an alumni speaker and continuing to motivate RUSM students. “I remember being in their shoes. I got to where I am today because I worked hard, and people mentored me along the way. I will be forever thankful to my mentors and I want to do my smart part to help the Ross community of potential and current students.”

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