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Help us shine the light on all the right that is going on NOW. We encourage nurses to see in themselves and their colleagues what your patients and families see – extraordinary, memorable care and we encourage patients and families to document those care moments here as well.

Please share your stories and experiences via audio, video, photos, or words. These submissions will be forwarded to onsite DAISY Coordinators and depending on the content, may be potential DAISY nomination stories!

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Extraordinary Stories

From a nurse: Aimee, RN

I will try and paint the picture of what we’re seeing in the ICUs everywhere. I’m tired and so is my amazing crew and our unit leaders. We are working extra and our work has gotten exponentially harder. We unanimously are finding a level of exhaustion following our shifts that we’ve never felt before. We are emotional, we are scared. We are doing our very best to be present through technology to our patients families, if we can get out of the room long enough to connect. I hope through the messy media you still know we are here and we are fighting.
Our unit has a special blessing who has jumped back to the bedside after some time, Helen. I witnessed a breathtaking moment as a patient was taking their last breaths without family surrounding them, Helen stood at the door and sang Amazing Grace. Please know that these kinds of things are happening in hospitals everywhere as we are very human and are trying to do all we can for your family members. I’ve captured the moment here.

From a patient:

I was hooked up to so many machines. It hurt to move. I could not breathe. I felt so alone, and, in my mind, I was here to die. Then, Stephanie came in, asked me how I was, touched my forehead. Talked to me. She did not give me false hope, she gave me hope. The positive words, the touch, made all the difference. I cannot thank Stephanie enough. Because of her, I came home.

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