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Chamberlain “Power Couple,” Kristine and Patrick Hawkins Featured in the Media

Chamberlain “Power Couple,” Kristine and Patrick Hawkins Featured in the Media

Recent Chamberlain University, Jacksonville campus graduates, Kristine and Patrick Hawkins are a power couple. Each having served in the military, they knew once their active service was over, that they wanted to continue to serve their community. With Patrick having a background as a medical officer in the Navy, going after his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at Chamberlain’s Jacksonville campus seemed like a no-brainer. When Kristine accompanied him to take the entrance exams for the BSN program, she was asked if she would like to take the exam, too.

She did, and they both entered nursing school. Kristine started ahead of Patrick by one cohort, where she held the first-place position. Patrick, starting just after his wife, also held the first-place position in his own cohort. Later in their education, Kristine made the decision to hold back on graduating and join her husband’s cohort so that they could graduate together this past Friday, September 11th.

A competitive couple, they drove each other towards success. They ended up first (Patrick) and second (Kristine) in their graduating cohort, separated by only two percentage points.

Dedicated to service, they both have decided to further their education in nursing. Patrick is gearing up to start the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)program at Chamberlain, and Kristine looking for a school to pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP,) with a focus on clinical research.

It should surprise no one that the Hawkins passed their NCLEX on the first try. They are now applying to residencies in the area.

This amazing couple have been featured recently (and, very deservedly) in the media: With MSN.comThe Florida Times-Union and NBC WTLV-JAX recognizing their outstanding commitment to serving the community.

Congratulations, Kristine and Patrick!

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